What is the right spa for me?

One of the first questions that people ask is how to choose the right spa. Research the different types of treatments offered and decide what you need. Decide what the purpose of your visit will be, relaxation, sports massage, facial, waxing, manicures or pedicures.

Does the Kai Thai Spa Gauteng offer spa treatments for men and women?

Yes. We offer many treatments and packages specifically aimed at men and women.

Does the Kai Thai Spa Gauteng offer couples treatments?

Yes we do offer couples packages and treatments. Couples could mean any two people, such as two sisters, two friends, a mother and daughter, etc.

Should I tip?

At some spas a 10% to 15% tip for therapists is always appreciated, especially if the service was really good.

Should I eat before a massage?

In general you should not eat before having spa treatments. If you are hungry, you could maybe have a small snack such as some fruit or a cup of tea but nothing more than that. If you eat, you risk getting nauseous during your treatments.

What about my jewellery and cell phone?

It’s best not to wear jewellery to your spa treatment. The jewellery will get in the way of your having an effective treatment. Do not put your jewellery in your pocket as this is a sure way to lose your jewellery.

Spas aim to be a quiet sanctuary where you can escape from modern life and are for that reason, cell phone free areas. It would therefore not be a good idea to bring your cell phone.

During the treatment

For a massage, should I take all my clothes off?

Not at all, you should undress to your comfort level. The therapists are trained in proper draping techniques, and they will keep you covered at all times, only the area being treated should be exposed.

Should I talk during my treatment?

This is entirely up to you. If you have any questions regarding your treatment however you should feel free to ask your therapist. Most therapists will ask for feedback during treatments such as whether the pressure is comfortable or not. You do not have to talk; after all you are there to relax.

What if I feel uncomfortable about something during the massage or treatment?

You can tell your therapist about how you feel, if you think you need to stop the treatment go ahead and do so. You should be treated with consideration, dignity and respect.

What if I fall asleep during a treatment?

Many people fall asleep during relaxing treatments and the therapists know this. After all the whole point of the treatment is to get you to relax so going to sleep is a compliment for the therapist that they have done a good job.

After Your Treatment

How long after my treatment can I stay in the room?

Not long, as the treatment rooms are needed within 10 minutes for the next clients. We offer a relaxation area where you can sit and relax while you enjoy a refreshing drink.

Do I really need to drink water?

Yes, this is vitally important as you need to help your body flush out the toxins released during the treatment.